Ways To Promote Your Brand Through Live Streaming

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Live streaming has emerged as a platform dedicated to only game streaming. But with its growing popularity, the platform does not remain gamers specific only. It now has a platform for every individual. People are streaming whatever they are good at, be it game playing, cooking, singing or anything. People are now live streaming for brand promotion as well. They live stream while describing their brand and people can connect with it in the meantime. 

Promote Your Brand Through Live Streaming

Brand promotion 

Live streaming has become a significant tool in recent years. In fact, people watched 1.1 billion hours of live video in 2019, and 82 percent prefer live video from a brand over conventional social media posts. Furthermore, live streaming is an effective way to establish trust and demonstrate authenticity.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is the process of transmitting video content over the internet in real time. This is accomplished through the use of various internet video protocols that are supported by powerful, dedicated video streaming technology. The term “live stream” refers to a real-time mindset rather than a rehearsed monologue. The content for regular streaming is created ahead of time, but not for live video streaming.

Promote Your Brand Through Live Streaming

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Over the past few years the concept of live streaming has so much emerged by the GenZ that now it is expected to be worth billions of dollars in a few years.

Brand Promotions

Live streaming for brand promotions will save you many dollars that you have to spend on promotions on various platforms. There are multiple ways that you can make a live stream interactive and make your brand interesting. Here we will talk about multiple ways that you can use live streaming for brand promotion and how to make it interesting. 

  • Introduction to the brand

The announcement of your brand through pre recorded videos and several posts on social media platforms is too mainstream. To stand out among your competitors , you have to think out of the box. And live streaming is certainly the best option for that. Pre-recorded videos seem inauthentic and create no connection between you and your audience. Therefore, live streaming can be used to connect with your audience on a personal level.

  • Interviews and Sessions

Despite the obviousness, live interviews should be live broadcast rather than pre-recorded. Creating such content will undoubtedly increase brand exposure, especially if you invite well-known people to your stream. In just a few clicks Livepush enables you to host professional live interviews. The only tools required are a web browser, a webcam, and a microphone. The live interview session will also help the audience to ask their questions in the real time. Livepush provides live streaming with multi chat overlay.

  • Interaction with the leads

Hosting webinars is another powerful way to promote your company via live streaming. Gather leads and hold a training session where you explain your work’s concepts and advance your brand’s ideals. Such instructional events might draw participants from a wider range of backgrounds. By doing this, you will be able to have a favorable influence on the viewers’ awareness of your business and their desire to support it.

  • Q/A Sessions

This gives them the impression that you try to make them feel heard and gives them the chance to tell you exactly what they want from your business. Live Q&As also appear to be the simplest and quickest approach to explain to the public what your brand stands for. You can ask any employee to participate in the Q&A, depending on the subject. This might get a little complicated by including all your employees but it will eventually help you to grow your brand. And it will be beneficial to create a strong relationship with your audience as well as your employees. 

  • Influencer Marketing

Since influencer marketing enables you to reach a broader and more varied audience, using influencers in live streaming is quickly gaining popularity. Additionally, influencers are probably already comfortable speaking in front of a camera, so it relieves your staff of some worry if they don’t want to appear on camera.

Live Streaming on LivePush

Since we have already introduced you to Livepush above, let us talk about what exactly is Livepush and what are the features available to cater live streaming. 

Using LivePush, you can live stream on all the major platforms.It is a live streaming web page that has the entirety that will help you live on line and attain out to a bigger variety of visitors on such a lot of platforms. It also gives you the opportunity to stream at 40 plus sites at a given time. Even it allows you to schedule your live streams. LivePush offers a regular free plan to comfort their users with their site. They also have a paid plan at low prices. The most amazing part is that you can stream at your favorite multiple sites.

Brands That Use Live Streaming 

The existing brands and few big names are using live streaming to its full potential. They promote their new releases via a live streaming session.

  1. One of the biggest tech companies, Apple, uses online streaming to promote their new releases. Twice a year, the company promotes its new products online. The live product release is self-explanatory. Apple, on the other hand, turns a traditional presentation into a grand session. These events attract over ten million viewers worldwide.
  1. Microsoft, another tech behemoth that employs a similar strategy to Apple, live streams product announcements, internal employee training, and software releases and updates. Events such as the release of XBOX games attract millions of viewers, resulting in consumer awareness and anticipation.
  1. Nissan and General Motors, both of these automakers showcased their new models via live streams. At the 2016 New York Auto Show, Nissan streamed its Maxima, and General Motors became the first automotive brand to display its product on a Facebook live stream.


If you are convinced that live streaming is going to boost your audience reach then you can choose a platform that will best suit your brand. Choose a platform that will help you gain potential audience. Livepush, with its multiple streaming features have helped multiple streamers worldwide. You can learn all about Livepush on and start your streaming now. 

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