What Does It Take to Think Like A Business Strategist?

Think Like A Business Strategist

Did you know that the French emperor and statesman, Napoleon Bonaparte was a brilliant strategist and an intellectual of his time? Well, what made him the greatest leader of all time was his exemplary strategic skills to size up a complex situation. In today’s competitive environment, a business strategist is often considered as the Napoleon of an organization.

Do you also want to think like a strategist? That’s possible and you can make it happen. Typically, a strategist is someone who deeply analyzes a situation and acknowledges the basic elements required to offer an effective solution. And guess what? You can also do that. Thinking like a business strategist requires a skillset and you can learn to cultivate those skills.

To do so, let’s start from scratch and understand the concept of strategic thinking:

What is Strategic Thinking?

Strategic thinking is a thought process that requires a deep knowledge of the industry trends and demands, an understanding of various driving factors shaping the future, and a close analysis of the target market and consumer expectation.

One of the most noteworthy skills found in a strategic thinker is the ability to adapt to changing business environments and reinvent. These skills can be acquired and if you want to be a business strategist, you must learn how:

The importance of a business strategy:

We often see businesses relying on a business strategist for the formulation and guidance of their strategic plans. In fact, strategic thinking skills are one of the key abilities that businesses look for in their leaders. But why exactly do businesses need a strategy?

A strategy helps in creating a vision for the organization by ensuring that all people within an organization share the same goal and stay on the same page to achieve long term growth and sustainability. In simpler words, a strategy enables a business to identify:

  • Capabilities and pain-points
  • Available resources
  • How their business is performing
  • Possible future risks
  • Ways to overcome challenges
  • Directions and opportunities

And without one, an organization will lack vision, adaptability, profitability, and direction, and that ultimately adds to the failure of an organization. For all these reasons, the importance of a business strategist in an organization is significant and a cornerstone.

The role of a strategist is intensely intertwined with cross-functional decision-making skills. Let’s uncover the top four ways that can help you to think like a business strategist:

Most Effective Ways To Think Like A Strategist

  • Develop Soft Skills

Soft skills that include decision-making skills, communication skills, critical analysis skills, problem-solving skills, leadership skills, social and emotional intelligence forms the foundation of a strategic thinker or business strategist. These skills have the potential to turn on a strategist in pursuit of knowledge, long-term and broadened perspective to attain growth and desired results. One can develop these skills by developing a learning mindset, staying open to feedback, encouraging self-reflection, thinking out of the box, communicating frequently, embracing disagreements, and being adaptable.

  • Be Clear With Your Purpose And Objective

A business strategist thinks around three main concepts:



-Nature of competition

The prime agenda of a business strategy is to achieve better than the rivalries and these three aspects fuel the purpose of a strategy. To be a strategic thinker, you will be required to implement organizational intelligence so that you can turn a goal into a result. Start with defining a clear vision followed by analyzing, planning, and organizing. Set a timeline to achieve a certain goal and as a result, it will also keep your business on task and well-managed. This way you’ll also easily be able to measure the success of each campaign.

  • Enroll in A Strategy Certification

To gain a basic understanding of the strategy methods and frameworks, one can also enroll in a strategy certification program as offered by the Strategy Institute. Due to a surge in industrial demands for leaders and business executives, there’s a wide range of advanced strategy certification programs now available. Such strategic certification programs will help you to evaluate industry trends and structure, address the key business principles, and learn different aspects of business management to maintain a competitive edge.

  • Be A Lifelong Learner

Strategic thinkers are lifelong learners and that amplify their skillsets, personal development, social inclusion, self-sustainability, and business acumen through an ongoing and self-motivated learning process. When one is willing to invest in a continuous learning cycle, his/her brain enables new and accurate thinking patterns and eventually masters the art of decision-making with each new good or bad experience. To think strategically, you must look and reflect on the bigger picture by keeping your mind open to learning different ideas and methodologies.

If you want to learn more about strategy or management certifications, get in touch with us or you can read our other blogs.

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