What is My Age? Meri Umar Kya Hai

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What is my age? Meri Umar kya hai – Generally it is a crime to ask girls their age and the age of boys is mentioned either at the time of getting license or at the time of marriage.

In today’s run-of-the-mill life, who has so much time to calculate his age. Nowadays everyone wants to get the answer of everything in minutes, the easiest way is Google. Be it the biggest confusion or the smallest thing, everyone just wants to ask Google so that they get the answer in one click. That’s why people often ask Google “What is my age”?

You can use our calculator for increase your knowledge, how many days until June 18.

Have you ever asked Google “What is my age”?

So what answer did you get, was Google able to tell your age? No no… Google won’t be able to tell you your age. Yes, but Google will definitely show the published article with the title “What is my age”. Apart from Google, there are many other ways by which you can find out your age.

Ways to get the answer of the question “What is my age” (Meri Umar Kya Hai)

  • Birth Date According to Calculation
  • Google Assistant
  • Documents
  • Age Calculator App
  • Excel Sheet

Birth Date According to Calculation

The easiest way to know Meri Umar kya hai is by Calculation according to Birth Date. Your exact age is the number obtained by subtracting the time of your birth (day, month and year) from the present time (date, month and year). Usually people only subtract the birth year from the current year, so that they know their age in years. No one pays much attention to days and months. Days and months are counted only when specifically the exact age is to be ascertained.

For example, suppose your birth date is 1 April 2000 and now April 2022 is going on. So your age is 2022-2000 = 22 years. If you were born before the current month i.e. April, then your age would be said to be 22 years and if you were born in any month after April and it was time for your birthday to come, then your age would be called 21+.

In this way you can easily find out your age. Usually this method is mostly used to find out the age.

Nowadays everything is first asked from Google, so often people keep asking Google who am I, what is my age? But don’t know the answer.

Yes, but like we have told you earlier, instead of Google, Google Assistant will give you the answer, it will definitely tell your age. Google Assistant, which is inbuilt in every phone nowadays and if you do not have it in your phone then you can easily download it. How to download and activate it, we have told you in our first blog, follow it.

Ask the Google Assistant your age

First of all open Google Assistant on your phone.

Click on Mic and ask “What is my age?”.

You will get the answer in no time.

Google Assistant will tell you your name and your age in years, like you are 20, 25, whatever years you are, Google will tell you your age according to the years. If you want to know your age in exact months and days also, then Google Assistant will give you that answer too. For example, if you ask any of the following questions to Google Assistant, you will get the answer

  • How old is my age?
  • How many months am I?
  • How old is my age?
  • How many hours is my age?
  • How many seconds is my age?

Today technology has become so updated that you can know the answer to any question related to yourself or related to the whole world.

Google Assistant answers your questions according to the data you feed. Google Assistant will tell you the same age that you have given in your email ID.

Documents showing age other than Google

  • Aadhar Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Educational Documents
  • Age Calculator App

Apart from these, Age Calculator App is also available on Google where you can calculate your age by entering your birth date.

It will tell you your age in Exact Days, Months and Years.

It is easy to calculate your age in Years, but along with Year, it is a bit calculative to calculate Exact Days and Months. Today in the era of computers and smartphones, this work can be done easily through apps.

Excel Sheet

If you have to calculate the age of all your employees in your office, then it will be very difficult to calculate the age of each separately. Its solution is Spreadsheet or Excel Sheet. You can calculate the age of everyone very easily through Spreadsheet or Excel Sheet.

How to Calculate Age on Spreadsheet or Excel Sheet

First of all, write everyone’s birthdate on the sheet.

Then set the Formula on it. (You can find Online Formula according to your need)

With this you will be able to calculate the age of all your employees simultaneously in minutes. Today if we have courage, courage, if we have paid attention to our health and we are healthy and maintained, then age is just a number, otherwise the modern day running and troubles have made everyone old before their age.

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