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online pdf compressor

PDF is a widely used document format in the modern world. Therefore, everyone uses it regularly for work or school. Since its inception in the 1990s, PDF has become an essential format for storing significant content such as text and graphics, and it can be used on various platforms without trouble.

As a result, people would be frustrated when they had to share or download a large PDF file. As a result, the need for a PDF file compressor is on the rise. To make the procedure as easy as possible, this article highlights the finest online PDF compressor that offers free services to reduce the size of a PDF file. Continue reading if you’re looking for a reputable and cost-free PDF compressor.

Based on Your Requirements

We’ve narrowed it down to four of the finest online PDF compressors based on the aforementioned criteria and their ability to assist you to compress PDFs so that their file sizes can be reduced for transferring or archiving purposes. Best Goknowl blogs provide you informative articles about online pdf compressors and Digital marketing You’ll need to keep up the good work now.

The 4 Best Online PDF Compressors for All Devices

It is possible to utilize these free online PDF compressors on any device with a web browser installed. Before you begin compressing your PDFs, we’ll go trendcn.com through the basics of each online PDF compressor, and then it’s up to you to choose one and get to work!

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Online PDF Compressor EasePDF

EasePDF’s Online PDF Compressor features an intuitive user interface, making it the easiest way to reduce the size of PDF files. Users can utilize the tool on a wide range of smartphones, including iPhones, Samsungs, Xiaomi’s, and many more. Compressing PDFs with EasePDF Online PDF Compressor is easier since it offers a wide range of options for determining the optimum compression rate for each file.

NOTE: EasePDF’s online PDF compressor is now available for free to users. To use EasePDF, you only need to create an account and log in.

To Add a File, EasePDF Compress PDF.


• There are no intrusive pop-ups, and the site is absolutely free of malware. •

• Easy-to-understand functionality;

Encryption using 256-bit SSL is the best way to keep your data safe.

• The application of an auto-deletion mode ensures the safety of all submitted data;

• Batch compression can be used to increase productivity;

• A variety of converters and PDF editors are available for use.


In order to unlock all of the features of the free trial, you must purchase a subscription.


To sign up for a year-long subscription, you’ll pay $3.33 each month (or $39.95 per year).

a flat monthly fee of $4.95

2. Compressing PDFs

PDF Compressor is a global PDF compressor that offers users from all over the world a straightforward way to compress PDF files. All of the compression is done automatically. Once the files have been properly uploaded to the tool, the compression process will begin immediately. Each PDF’s thumbnail will display the compression result, so you’ll always know how much space your PDF has saved after it’s been compressed.

Compress PDF files with this program.


  • Convenient to understand and quick to compress data;
  • compressing data in real-time without the need for tedious mouse clicks;
  •  It is possible to compress a maximum of 20 files at a time;
  •  A utility that is free to use.


In addition, there are no compression levels to choose from;

• Some PDFs can’t be compressed;

• The UI is littered with advertisements.


• Free

PDF Compressor for Foxit Reader (Online)

Foxit Online Compressor is an excellent option for those who want to compress their PDFs online. When compressing PDF files, it will use high-performance techniques while preserving the original quality of the files. However, Foxit would be a better choice on the desktop. EasePDF’s online PDF compressor, on the other hand, has several limitations that may make it less competitive. Foxit Online PDF Compressor, on the other hand, is an easy-to-use, free tool that everyone may utilize.

Compressing PDFs with Foxit Online


• It’s easy to get started – the compression feature is straightforward to understand;

• There is no cost;

• Secure technology is used to ensure the safety of the platform’s data;

• High speed and smooth compression.


• Batch compression is not available;

• There is a lack of compression level for selecting. 


• Free

Soda PDF Compresses PDF Documents

A PDF compression program that works on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android, Soda PDF Online Compressor may be used by anyone on any platform. You don’t need any plugins to use it, making it one of the finest free online PDF compressors. Additionally, you can upload and download files in a variety of methods, including by just dragging and dropping them.

An online PDF compression service called Soda PDF is available.


• Suitable for use on any platform;

• User-friendly features;

Compression and navigation performance are both excellent in-platform.

• Allows for the usage of a wide range of languages by people around the world;

• The mechanism used to protect a file’s integrity;

• PDFs can be processed in bulk to increase productivity.


It’s not possible to do batch compression;

For the “High Compression” level, a fee must be paid.


An online 1-Week Pass costs $4.99 per week.

• UNLIMITED PASS ONLINE – $2.99 a month

It costs $9.99/month for both the desktop and the online version of the program.

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