What Is the Right Dosage of CBD For Pain Relief?

What Is the Right Dosage of CBD For Pain Relief?

One of the most spoken-about substances in the world right now is cannabis and its usage. While some people are adamant that cannabis is highly addictive and dangerous to consumers’ health, researchers have illustrated the beneficial aspects of the use of cannabis often outweigh its purported harmful effects.

Cannabis is a mix of different components, often referred to as cannabinoids. Out of the over 120 cannabinoids which make up an ordinary cannabis plant, the two most researched components are Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD is one of the components of cannabis that is non-psychoactive. Therefore, it lacks the “high” aspect associated with cannabis. On the other hand, THC is the most psychoactive component of the cannabis plant, which gives the intoxicating and euphoric attributes related to cannabis products.

1.      Uses of CBD

The CBD component of the cannabis plant is associated with many uses, most of which are beneficial to a consumer. The uses of CBD vary depending on the quantity available in the product used. Despite its medicinal uses, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate the consumption of CBD, save for the prescription drug used to treat epilepsy. Other uses of CBD include pain relief, treating mental health conditions, and improving sleep.

2.      Assessing The Dosage To Be Used

After understanding the beneficial aspects of CBD in alleviating pain in humans, you may be wondering how much you should consume to have the best results. In such cases, you can also try THC tinctures since tinctures work best in reducing pain.  However, knowledge of the CBD/THC tincture dosage will be essential to you as proper dosage will help you gain the desired results.

3.      How To Use CBD For Pain Relief?

Researchers have documented a comprehensive history of using CBD for pain relief. Expressly, they have noted that the use of CBD for pain relief can be traced even back to 2900 BC. The body comprises a network of processes known as the endocannabinoid system. This system is distributed in human tissues, where most of the inflammation causes pain. The CBD combines with the receptors in the endocannabinoid system, which results in the reduction of inflammation, and, subsequently, the removal of pain.

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4.      Doctor’s Advice

Information concerning the consumption of different medicinal products is often available in large amounts, especially over the internet. The problem with this information is not only its quantity but also its accuracy. As a result of the quantity of information, it isn’t easy to sift through the knowledge to get the most accurate information. Additionally, information available on the internet is often quite general. For your good, you will need information tailored to address your specific concerns.

It is therefore essential to speak to a doctor who can give an accurate analysis regarding how much CBD you should consume, depending on your condition. A doctor can assess your situation and recommend which quantities best fit your needs. Further, doctors can identify the best brands to give the best quality. Having a doctor advise on dosage can also avoid instances where the CBD reacts with other medication you might be taking, leading to toxicity in the body.

5.       Personal Calculations

In some situations, getting a doctor to advise on the amount of CBD to take for your pain relief might be challenging. Alternatively, while your doctor may give you the quantity of CBD to take, you may have to change the product you use because of your preference. For instance, if you ordinarily use gummy bears as opposed to CBD oil, you may have to alter your consumption to reflect the CBDquantity in the proposed dosage.

In such situations, you will need to calculate the quantity to use depending on your given dosage. If the doctor had recommended 20 mg of CBD every day, you would need to calculate the amount of CBD in the product you are consuming and see how many you will have to take to meet your dosage. If the product has 20 mg already, only one serving will suffice. If it has 10 mg, you will have to take 2. Concerning CBD oil, calculations may be complex since the oil is in liquid form.

6.      Trying It Out

When it comes to CBD products, every patient’s response differs. Therefore, it will be advisable to do some trial and error to establish your best fit. While this may take some time, it is advisable to wait out the process instead of giving up when unsure about the exact quantity to take. Always seek your doctor’s opinion even as you try out different quantities.


CBD is plant-based goodness, and using CBD for pain relief allows any user to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without experiencing the psychoactive properties of the plant. However, since the laws surrounding cannabis differ from place to place, always make sure you are aware of the laws surrounding the use of cannabis in your area to avoid any kind of trouble.

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