What is web conferencing and how can it benefit your Business?


  It may be a very difficult question for so many people. But its advanced features make the world intrigued about it. Web conferencing can be described as a broad term, that refers to the various types of technology that allow two or more participants from different places to have an online Internet meeting. The development of Web conference technology since the 1990s is closely linked to the evolution of technology overall. It includes many of the features of these technologies dependent on larger advances ,including the Internet and a greater processing capacity. Let us discuss what is web conferencing and how it works.

What is web conferencing: how does it help with VoIP?

If you’re looking for the highest call quality the users have a choice between VoIP office phone and dial-in solutions. Based on the duration of the meetings, most web-based conferencing apps offer local dial-in numbers for international presentations and meetings that can make a difference to a company’s cost.

In addition With HD video, viewers and presenters are able to discern non-verbal and verbal signals from each other. A lot of platforms can support multiple streams of video simultaneously. It is beneficial for interviews with smaller groups and similar situations.

If you’re not familiar with what is web conferencing and how it facilitates its users. You may need to go through its features. They will make it easy for you to know how your business can get benefit from it.

Screen Share:

The advantages of using screen sharing technology can be applied to a broad range of businesses, teams, and sectors. Users can utilize this feature to get valuable feedback on the most recent proposition or marketing collateral, guide employees. People that are remote through a brand new software program, distribute the PowerPoint presentation of the quarterly earnings, and so on. Certain tools allow the swapping of presenters. Also, it permits multiple users to share the control and assume the role of a presenter during the course of a meeting.


The option to view sessions later, send conference recordings to those who haven’t attended, or even create custom presentations. Using narration voiced by a voiceover recording your web-based conferences or webinars can prove extremely beneficial. It is vital to keep in mind, however, that the platform you choose may limit your storage to gigabytes. If your group relies on recording, search for apps that offer additional storage, even if this comes at costs.

Mobile Application:

Although mobile apps do not come with the same features as their web-based counterparts. It is the ability to participate in any conference anywhere around the globe is an enormous benefit. Web conferencing applications today will notify you of a reminder with a link just prior to the beginning of the conference. Additionally, even though the majority of mobile applications permit audio feeds dependent on the platform. Moreover, participants can be a part of polls or chat via text.

One-click Meetings:

With the aid of one-click meetings, organizers can quickly set up online meetings. It also sends out email notifications to participants via an integrated version that comes built in with the phone. Following that, participants of the meeting are able to participate in the chat via clicking on the link or notification which was sent out prior to the meeting.

Surveys polls:

If a presenter is sending an email to gather feedback from the meeting or a manager asks team members about the importance of a decision. Also, an HR teacher asks students to take a quiz on a recent class the option is among the most beneficial. Collaboration and engagement are crucial in every workplace and managers within an organization. They can have the most current information to improve employee efficiency by using surveys, polls, and quizzes.

Collaboration tools:

A few of these tools improve collaboration to a whole new level, making it possible to create a more united workplace. A lot of platforms are integrated with Salesforce which allows sales teams to plan meetings. It keeps track of outcomes throughout the selling process.

Annotation tools enable users to mark, note and highlight key details in the presentation of a meeting. Chat, however, is among the most frequently used features. Users can privately or publicly ask the presenter questions or communicate an idea or any other information with a colleague.


To effectively make an observation and make a recommendation for development and opportunities it is essential to have concrete evidence. The reporting capabilities of web tools for conferencing provide presenters with useful information. Meetings are basically about performance scores and summary of surveys. Managers can use the information to get a better grasp of productivity and engagement of employees. It can be used to modify and enhance future training sessions, meetings, and webinars.


All these features may help you get familiar with what is web conferencing? Web conferencing is the most effective option for VoIP office phone. It allows meetings face to face between individuals, who live in different locations. For holding meetings at the moment or to transmit a large amount of information in one direction to a crowd of individuals.

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