What Is Webflow & Why Choose Webflow CMS In 2022?

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Did you know that the global content management system (CMS) market share is estimated to reach $123.5 billion by 2026? Yes, you read it right. The worldwide popularity and reliability of CMS is constantly increasing due to its ability to create, manage, and reform content on a site without needing much in-depth technical expertise.

Today’s dynamic landscape demands better control over your content to strengthen your position in the market. With an efficient content management system (CMS) and website building tools, you can easily manage and update your content while allowing multiple contributors to create, edit and publish within a single interface. The admin can easily create new pages without coding the whole page, making it easier for businesses to manage their web content.

But here comes a mind-boggling question: Which content management system would be the best one to create a top-class responsive and interactive business website?

Well, the market is flooded with numerous content management systems, each having its own benefits. However, not all are equally efficient for every industry. You need to analyze the features of the CMS before choosing the one that suits your business needs.

And when it comes to robust and agile CMS options, what could be better than Webflow? With beautiful CSS filters and smooth and semantic coding features, Webflow becomes more than a mere website building and designing tool. By combining the proficiency of a Webflow development company and the high-tech features of Webflow CMS, you can develop an interactive, responsive, and dynamic web presence.

But what are these features we are bragging about? Well, to know them, let’s go in-depth and learn about the fundamentals of Webflow.

What exactly is Webflow?

Webflow is one of the most popular and efficient web design and development services that allows designers to build dynamic, personalized, and professional websites to enhance their digital presence. You can easily create the content structure you want, add content (via API, from a CSV, or by hand), and then design it virtually.

You’ll be surprised to know that over 170,000 websites are developed with the power of Webflow’s customizable, high-performing, and enterprise-grade CMS and web building services. This is because of its distinctive features and tools that allow businesses to bring their ideas into reality. You can use Webflow for multiple purposes, including CMS for designing, hosting, CMS, and eCommerce development.

Some Awesome Features of Webflow That Shows Why It Is So Popular in CMS and Web Development Space!

Web Design Features

Experience the Magic of CSS Filters!

Creating beautiful effects becomes easy by adding one or more of the eight CSS filters to any element.

Coding Becomes Less Complex and More Effective!

By using Webflow, you can write clean, semantic, and structured code with W3C compliance. Moreover, Webflow also offers you an option to add custom codes to the entire website, its specific pages, or section of pages.

CSS-Grid Powered Layouts to Offer You a Visual Advantage!

Webflow offers a visual canvas with the benefits of a CSS grid that lets you build interactive layouts.

Responsive By Nature!

One of the best things about the websites developed using Webflow is that they use CSS3’s Flexible Boxes that ensure responsive layouts and perform swiftly on every device. Moreover, Webflow automatically optimizes the graphics and efficiently scales them based on the device’s screen size and resolution.

3D Transformation Without Code, Seriously?

Give your website an entirely different look with the help of the first tool that allows you to design 3D CSS transforms and animations, and that even without writing code. Isn’t it interesting?

CMS-Related Features

CMS API: One-Stop Solution For All the Functions!

The Webflow CMS REST API is all set for business purposes. Now, you can easily add, delete, or update items from Collections using specific programs right from your end.

Automated SEO and Open Graphs (OG) Settings!

Gone are the days when you needed to write meta titles and descriptions for each of your blog posts. With Webflow’s Dynamic SEO feature, all you need is to create a template for your SEO tags that need to be followed. All other tasks would be automatically done by Webflow, such as generating search-engine friendly titles, descriptions, and OG content.

Preview Your Content with Dynamic Content Templates!

When you create a Collection while using Webflow, it automatically produces a template page so that you can look at and design how the content entered is displayed. Also, these templates are applied to each item available in the Collection, thus saving your time in creating hundreds or even thousands of pages, at once.

Filtering and Sorting Content Dynamically

Webflow offers an excellent feature of sorting display content based on specific date range, alpha, etc. In addition to this, you can also filter dynamic content in order to display all the blog posts or the featured content based on a particular topic.

Get Fully Customizable Content Structures and Powerful Content Tools With Webflow!

Webflow CMS offers you the power to define and customize your content and its structure. Furthermore, with robust content tools, you can easily create modular pages that accentuate content from your website.

Components-Related Features

Easily Customizable Forms

Webflow contains all the design elements you need to create an interactive and robust website, and they are also infinitely customizable. Besides this, you can also integrate them with other services, like Mailchimp and Zapier, which easily automates your list building.

Drop-Down Menu Makes Everything Simple!

In Webflow, you can easily include long lists of options or links to your website just with a double-click.

Extends Webflow’s Functionality With HTML Embeds!

Webflow’s embed components offer you an option to add all kinds of functionalities you want in your website using third-party codes.

Mobile-Ready Responsive Website Navigation

Webflow has created a mobile-ready navigation feature that you can easily drag, drop and customize.

Webflow’s Tab Component Contains Some Other Exciting Features!

Whether it is related to creating easy navigation systems or compactly displaying content, webflow’s Tab Component has covered them all!

Every Aspect of the Webflow is Represented By a Particular Feature/Product Set!


The Webflow Designer allows you to build any website you want with the power of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML in a visual canvas. It helped developers and designers to develop a site in a familiar way without sacrificing the quality.

In case you are primarily a prototyper, a Designer can be really beneficial. It can be constructive whether you want to share the prototype with the devs to export or reproduce the code.


With Webflow eCommerce, you can use the Designer and CMS together to create a completely unique shopping experience. You can turn any Webflow design into an eCommerce site. However, the hosting costs for an eCommerce site are slightly higher than the standard website. You can integrate payment gateways such as Google Pay, Stripe, PayPal, or Apple Pay into your eCommerce site. Also, you can extend the capabilities and functionality of your stores with numerous integrations.


Webflow CMS has both on-site (where the content managers or clients work) and in-designer (where the site designer works) components that streamline the process and deliver optimal results.


Webflow also offers hosting services backed by AWS (Amazon Web Services). It is super-reliable, fast, and has enterprise-grade level security.  

Some of the other best features of Webflow include: 

  • Form management
  • Free HTTPS/SSL
  • The CMS
  • Responsive images (automatic resizing of images according to the device for better user experience)
  • The Editor

Time-Saving Tips For Web Designers Working In A Webflow

Webflow is an easy-to-use and powerful CMS and web-building tool application if you’re familiar with its tools. You don’t have to read a ton of material to build a stunning website. However, it’s best to contact an experienced Webflow development company for a better outcome. 

Here are some exclusive tips and tricks to help you make your design process more efficient.

  • You can use non-HTTP links by adding graves (or backtick). 
  • You can use custom attributes to make the destination of an anchor link vertically centered.
  • You can control the speed of the smooth scroll to an anchor.
  • You can target an element with a combo class in an interaction.
  • You can highlight all the components with the same class.
  • With an option/alt + click, you can clear styles.
  • Alt/Shift + drag can be used to change various margin and padding values at once.
  • With Shift, you can speed up unit updates.
  • Use Option + Up or Down arrows to navigate through components in Navigator order.
  • With Option + drag, you can duplicate elements. 

Why Choose Webflow CMS In 2022?

A CMS can be understood as something that connects your design to your content. It empowers your team to communicate as responsively and effectively as possible with your customers. The development team at Webflow considers these points as well, and that’s why they have equipped it with all the essential tools, components, and features needed to create a powerful, creative, and highly engaging website. Webflow can help businesses in the following ways:

  • It allows businesses to populate their web design with relevant and well-curated content.
  • It helps them build a website that loads quickly and works smoothly.
  • It gives freedom to their developers to constantly improve the website to meet the customer’s needs without going back and forth on coding different pages.
  • It can help reduce the cost and process of building and maintaining a website.

In a nutshell, Webflow helps transform your design choice into a clean, standards-compliant code. Therefore, while using Webflow, you are not just designing or prototyping your website – you’re actually developing it.


Webflow is a robust and agile tool that allows you to design your website the way you want without writing the codes. It is a website designing, CMS, and hosting platform that lets you customize your site and scale your business. 

If you have a project in your mind? You can contact Exemplifi. They’ll help you design a modern, fast, and scalable website that can stand high on your objectives and goals at an incredible price. They will provide you with a team of dedicated developers and designers who are well-versed with Webflow.

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