What Makes Wire Rim Reading Glasses Popular & What Suit Your Face 

Wire Rim Reading Glasses

Wire-framed spectacles are all over our Instagram feeds this Autumn, from Gigi Hadid to Hayley Bieber and almost every major fashion blogger on the planet wearing them. Wire framed glasses in a mix of classy and whimsical styles provide an extra touch to almost any appearance, and the best part is that this eyeglass has a wire frame that goes with everyone.

Wire rim reading glasses aren’t new; Ray-aviator Ban’s frames were one of the first to make the 70s style public. And when geek chic resurfaced a few years ago, so did these. 

Wireframes compliment just about every face and shape. But how can you know which frames are best for your face shape? This is our go-to resource.

Find the Right Wire Rim Frames as Per Your Face

Since there are such various frame choices, it’s best to consider your face shape and desired aesthetic. What kind of appeal do you prefer?

From retro-vintage to hipster spectacles in square, round, aviator, & butterfly designs, wireframes can span a wide range of styles. They also flatter all facial shapes.

Round Face

Look for the broader metal frame reading glasses that work with your angles, not against them, for individuals with round face shapes (like Emma Stone) and fuller cheeks, and a softer jawline.

Heart Shape Face

If your face has a larger forehead and a more pointed chin (like Kourtney Kardashian), wide, upturned lenses will help to balance things out.

Square Face

With equal proportions in breadth and length, square face types fit frames that sit higher, such as cat-eye designs, which soften their angular characteristics (like Angelina Jolie).

Oval Face

You’ve been fortunate by the glasses gods if your face is more oval in form (like Jennifer Lawrence). When it comes to frames, you have a lot of options because almost any style will work for you. Our advice is to experiment with bigger and thicker gold reading glasses. 

Significance of Wire Rim Glasses

Eyewear, it just so happens, is undergoing a revolution right now. You don’t need 20/20 eyesight to notice that the thick, dark-rimmed kind that has dominated for a long time is becoming scarce. Wire-rimmed spectacles are becoming increasingly popular among fashion sets. Wire rims are the polar opposite of what’s been popular. They’re light and scarcely noticeable. Their reference to the 1990s (the time when wire rims were truly popular) still has the ability to add impressive appeal to your overall personality.

Final Views 

Wire-rimmed spectacles are just a timeless and flexible style that has been trendy on and off since the invention of eyeglasses.

Plain metal frames were among the first eyeglasses. People have been using wire-rimmed glasses since classic times because they are incredibly simple and easy to produce.

People don’t prefer wire-rimmed readers solely for their simplicity. Wire-rimmed spectacles are back in style. Since the days of Harry Potter, they’ve come a long way. Wire-rim spectacles are absolutely back in style, whether you’re opting for ’70s-inspired aviators, classic round frames, or vintage ovals.

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