What to Look for in Best WhatsApp Spy App For Android

I had one of the worst experiences of my life a few months back. I and my husband decided to start using the parental control app for the kids monitoring. We have heard some very bad things about him from his teachers and neighborhood so it was inevitable. Instead of choosing a trustworthy and efficient paid app, my husband thought of saving some money and convinced me to use the free apps first. His idea was that both the kinds offer the same types of features so why bother to pay money. It was one of the worst decisions as we all suffered a lot. The app did not work most of the time and had issues with monitoring and reporting. Moreover, we even switched to more than one app but they all offer limited features. Of course, you have to pay if you want more efficient features. That’s when I took the charge and convinced him to pay some bucks to get a more reliable app.

Out the main target was social media monitoring especially since we wanted a WhatsApp spy app for Android for monitoring the WhatsApp messenger. I researched as this time we wanted no mistake in choosing the spy app.  We found the TheoneSpy app and let me confess that I think all of our efforts to find the best app seemed fruitful when we started using the TheoneSpy app.  In case you are in search of a spy app and want to know what to look for in the best WhatsApp spy app for Android then here are the key points.

Don’t Run After The Free Tag:

We made the same mistake and wasted so much time and energy on a useless app. Don’t run after the free tag. Even some apps offer free trial versions to their users. Don’t rely on that either as most of the time the features in free trial versions are different from the basic version. In short, you have to pay more and more to get the advanced version. Instead of suffering like that simply go to the app that offers economical bundle deals.TheoneSpy is the best app in the way that they not only offer economical bundle offers but also all the features are offered uniformly in all the bundles. There is no discrimination of basic or demand for more money for advanced features. 

Cloud-Based Service Is Always The Best:

TheoneSpy is a cloud-based app that means you don’t have to worry about any storage issues whatsoever. Al the recorded data is saved on the online portal of the TheoneSpy app. Users can access the portal by giving information and keep in mind that no one except the user can access the online dashboard.

Go For The App That Offers Monthly Bundle:

At the time when we were lost in the sea of all the spy apps and monitoring software one major thing attracted us to the TheoneSpy app. They offer monthly bundles to their users. Many apps just offer seasonal or yearly bundles which sometimes does not work for anyone. The monthly deal gives us the confidence and the courage to go and check the app. We had this thought in mind that in case we don’t like the app we can simply switch to the next app after the month. But the app offered excellent features and instead of switching to another app, we have got the yearly bundle now.

WhatsApp Spy App For Android:

TheoneSpy WhatsApp spy for android offers the best services as

  • You can check the WhatsApp activities of the target with timestamped information
  • The app gives access to the incoming and outgoing audio and video call log details. You can know about the phone book details of the target easily without any problem.
  • The app lets the user into the private and group chat of the target person. You can read all the sent and received texts in detail without letting the target know.
  • No need to worry about the one time photo sharing feature, disappearing chat content or any other new feature introduced by WhatsApp.As WhatsApp spy app saves everything for the user.

Visit TheoneSpy.com for more details about the WhatsApp spy app for android.

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