Why Did People in Earlier Days Used to Wear Unstitched Clothes?

Why Did People in Earlier Days Used to Wear Unstitched Clothes?

Stitching was unknown during ancient times. People tended to simply drape the fabric around parts of their bodies. In modern days, different unstitched fabrics are used by men as well as women. The preservation of leather and fabric fibers allows for insights into the clothing of ancient people. The clothing used in ancient times reflected the technologies mastered by those people. In different cultures, attire indicated the social status of different members of the society. So, why did people in earlier days wear unstitched clothes? Here is a detailed guide!

Why People Used to Wear Unstitched Clothes?

The development of fashion and attire is an exclusive trait of humans and is a feature of many human societies. Attire made of materials like vegetation and animal skin was earlier used b y humans in order to protect their bodies from different elements. The usage of textile and vegetation across the ages determine the varying development of technologies and civilizations. Sources required for the study of textiles and clothing may include material remains determined via archeology; representation of clothing and their art manufacture; and documents regarding manufacture, use, trade and acquisition of fabrics, finished garments and tools.  

Examples of Ancient and Modern Unstitched Clothes

Clothing with unstitched fabrics that are draped around a human body include clothes such as lungi, turban, dhoti, and saree etc. These clothes are draped around the body without being stitched. In ancient times, people used vegetation and animal skin as their clothing. They covered their bodies and draped their skin with animal fur and skin in order to protect their bodies from the environment. A few people today tend to use unstitched fabrics as clothes.

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