Why Do Athletes Need Glutamine Supplements?

Glutamine Supplements

Health enthusiasts and athletes are no strangers to protein-rich diets. Everybody is aware of the important roles of glutamine supplement play in the human body. It helps the muscles grow and the tissues to recover from the damage caused during workouts. 

However, here is something you might not be aware of. Glutamine supplements are one of the most abundant amino acids found in protein. As a result, glutamine supplements are becoming highly prevalent among health enthusiasts and athletes. Consuming glutamine supplements can help enhance muscle recovery and fuel muscle growth. 

Besides that, there are other reasons that make glutamine so important for athletes. So continue reading to learn more about glutamine supplement and its significance.       

But What Is Glutamine?

Most people are aware that amino acids are the building blocks of protein in the human body. These proteins play a key role in facilitating the body’s healthy functioning. You can trace the involvement of the protein in essential functions such as immunity, digestion, hormone regulation, tissue repair, and more.   

Proteins harbor eleven non-essential amino acids, and glutamine is one of them. This means your body has the potential to produce glutamine naturally.

In fact, one does not need to rely on their diet to maintain the appropriate glutamine levels in the body. However, many glutamine benefits have resulted in many opting for supplementation to fuel the growth of muscles.   

Why Is Glutamine Supplement Important For Athletes?

  • Glutamine is widely known for its versatile nature as it plays many imperative roles in the human body.
  • The significant abundance of glutamine in the human body means that most proteins and their functions benefit from the involvement of glutamine.
  • It can decrease the glutamine levels in the body when you exercise for a prolonged period.
  • Lower glutamine levels in the body can contribute to a weaker immune system resulting in inflammation and infections.  

Similarly, there are many other reasons athletes and sports enthusiasts choose to consume glutamine supplements Canada. Some of these reasons include:

The GI System

Lack of glutamine health supplement in the body can result in some severe adverse health implications for your gut health. It can result in an inadequate level of enterocytes in the body, responsible for energizing the human body. As a result, the intestinal barriers tend to weaken, making way for inadequately digested bacteria, food proteins, and other similar toxins.   

The immune system located on the other side of the intestinal walls suffers from some adverse implications following this. For instance, the immune system is all set for inappropriate allergic response, GI illness, and irritable bowel syndrome. Ultimately, it sets the right stage for developing conditions such as leaky gut along with its other sequela.    

Muscle Health from Glutamine Supplement

When one works out extensively or overstrains for some reason, it automatically has an impact on glutamine levels. The glutamine levels drop while the demand from tissues increases to a great proportion due to the stress caused by the training. 

This stressful situation further prolongs the recovery phases, especially after overtraining or over exercising. Consequently, your muscles now have lower reserves after attempting to facilitate recovery from the normal exercises. So when you start your training again, the body barely has enough glutamine to support muscle recovery and repair.     

Immune Functions

As you have read earlier, glutamine supplement plays a key role in maintaining your immune system. However, when the plasma levels in your body tend to decrease, it automatically hampers the body’s immune function. This decreases the availability of the primary fuel source of leukocytes, making it challenging to ensure optimal immune function. 

Experts are still debating about glutamine’s direct impact on maintaining excellent health and mitigating the chances of illnesses. However, everyone agrees that illnesses are directly related to glutamine levels in the body. 

Reasons such as these make it imperative to consume glutamine foods with a balanced diet. This means maintaining adequate amounts of micronutrients, macronutrients, and glutamine. You can even choose glutamine supplementation to ensure your immune system functions optimally.        

Conclusion: How To Ensure You Have Adequate Glutamine Levels In Your Body

Fish, beets, legumes, meats, and raw cabbage have earned themselves a reputation for being the richest glutamine source. But you need to keep in mind that heat can destroy glutamine and these food items have to be cooked before consuming. Consequently, this hampers the supply of glutamine to the body. 

Therefore, it is recommended you better focus your efforts on getting a better idea of what is glutamine and leverage supplements. Not everyone needs to consume glutamine supplements or glutamine powder. However, athletes do, especially because their muscles suffer more than that of an average human. So make sure to consult your physician or dietician and give your body the right amounts of glutamine at all times.

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