Why Hussain Rehar Designer Is Famous For Pakistani Clothes?

The Pakistani clothing industry has been growing at an exponential rate over the past few years, and Hussain Rehar is one of the names at the forefront of that success story. With his signature style and decent tailoring, Rehar has become synonymous with high-quality Pakistani clothes, setting new standards for style in the country and abroad. His pieces have been worn by some of the biggest celebrities and other renowned personalities. If you’re looking to start buying quality Pakistani clothes online, Hussain Rehar is one name you can trust.

His Brand Story

The founder of Hussain Rehar’s namesake label established it after graduating from Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design with a Fashion degree on August 23rd, 2017. Creatively unrestrained and with a strong brand identity, the brand is known for its uncompromising style. Additionally, Hussain Rehar was nominated as a shining star in the fashion industry at the Lux Style Awards and the Hum Style Awards. 

A strong sense of individuality combined with a touch of boldness marks the entry of the young designer. There are certain unique and uncommonly brilliant perspectives behind the indefinable characteristics of the label. By combining his strong aesthetic influence with his distinctive handcrafted skills, Rehar offers fashion to a broad spectrum of consumers.

Which Brands Does He Design?

Hussain Rehar is one of the most famous fashion designers from Pakistan right now. He’s best known for his signature style, which includes bright colors and embroidery to create a festive look that is perfect for Pakistani weddings. Hussain Rehar is adored by everyone in the industry for his exotic elegance and bold wild print glamour.

In addition to traditional clothes, he creates a range of clothing that can be worn on a daily basis. Rehar has released over 10 Collections, including resorts, formal and semi-formal, as well as two bridal collections, two of them within the last two years.

How Much Do Hussain Rehar Dresses Cost?

The prices of his dresses range from PRK 30,000-12,00,000. 

It takes many months to make a dress, depending on the complexity and intricacy of the design. They can be made in any size and color, as well as with any embellishments you desire. One special aspect is that they are all handmade by trained designers. They have always wanted their clothes to have a story behind them and this seemed like the perfect way to do it. 

Where Can I Buy Hussain Rehar Clothes Online At Affordable Prices?

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