Why is PHP Interpreter Still a Good Language for Programming?

PHP, Hypertext Preprocessor is a well-known programming language since 1994. It has been one of the old languages use by the developers and the programmers and still going strong. PHP is still one of the most-used languages for web development and this is the reason why there are so many PHP development companies as the demand for PHP developers is increasing in full swing.

This proves that there are some adde advantages of using PHP and it is considere as one of the major components of the biggest platforms like Drupal and WordPress. As it is said, the longer the time the language sticks around, the more legacy code it generates. This ultimately compels the companies and organizations to keep on using it and that is why they hire PHP developers to keep their work on. Hence, there are many reasons why PHP is still one of the most use programming languages.

PHP Vs Other Programming Languages:

One of the biggest ways PHP is different from other programming languages is that it is an interprete language. When any page is requeste, the developer writes the lines of the code and the interpreter then loads the script which ultimately gives some advantages to the developers. We can also take the example of Python which has many more features than PHP, but it cannot compete with PHP in its speed. Despite several falls and raises, PHP is enabled to sail through all downfalls and raised successfully.

Advantages of Using PHP:

1) The most advantageous part of PHP is that it is open source and is available free of cost. Users can easily download it anywhere and use it for free.

2) Number of add-ons are available online which are again open-source.

3)PHP is quite a stable language as it has been in use for a long time and it very well provides support and assistance across different versions.

4) Quite a simple language that can be utilize for various purposes, and one does not need to write lengthy codes or follow any specific structure to create any web application.

5) It is quite a flexible language that can easily combine its functions with different programming languages.

6) The library support is strong in PHP which helps to utilize the various function modules.

7) It has a built-in database connection that helps to connect the databases that ultimately reduces the complications while developing the web application.

8) This programming language is quite easy to learn and hence it is considered as one of the user-friendly languages.

9)The PHP-based application is independent of platforms and can run on any OS like UNIX, Linux, Windows, etc.

Disadvantages of Using PHP:

1) It is comparatively weak and can cause errors which will ultimately give the wrong data to the available users.

2) As it is open-source, hence it is not secure.

3) If one wants to understand the basic functionalities of the in-built function of PHP then one needs to develop a good understanding of the best php frameworks.

4) PHP does not support the usage of different functionalities parallelly, so if multiple features of the PHP will be used at once then it will lead to poor performance.

5)As PHP lacks error warnings and debugging tools, it is not prone to handling errors.


PHP is majorly used for web development and there are several reasons why developers still prefer to use PHP over other programming languages. The reasons are liste below:

1) PHP is Improving Constantly

Every year the new release of PHP keeps the developers highly engaged. This yearly language improvisation helps to make PHP a great language every time and contributes to its longevity. Earlier the developers use to complain about the speed to which PHP responde by releasing PHP 7. Until now, PHP 7.4.8 is considered to be the most stable release and when PHP improves, it is not just the language improves but actually the whole ecosystem of PHP evolves and improves. The new JIT (Just in Time compilation) is the new feature that PHP boasts about.

2) PHP is Quite Simple and Well-Known

The syntax of PHP is very much comparable to ‘C’ or Pascal and so it is famous among the developers for its simplicity and ease of learning. Also, PHP is a well-organize language and is use as a general-purpose coding language. So, even if one has no prior experience in coding, one can easily use PHP. Using PHP, the developers can easily create interactive web pages which are also very safe to use. Also, for the programmers, it is quite easy to optimize the PHP programs.

Hence, PHP might not be considere a versatile language, but it is the best in its specialization area. Also, PHP is scalable, flexible, and customizable.

3) Easy to Learn the Language

Earlier there was huge favor towards JavaScript but on the other side, there were different technologies and server-side languages available among which was PHP. And PHP facilitates building the dynamic work page using a database within a couple of days. PHP is quite easy to learn a language and one can easily start from scratch without the requirement of any prior knowledge.

4) PHP is Quite Flexible

PHP is very compatible with working with a variety of languages like HTML, JavaScript, XML, etc. Also, it is very compatible with working on different operating systems like Mac OS, Linux, Unix, etc. Also, PHP developed applications that operate on different devices like mobiles, laptops, tablets, and computers. Heavyweight apps can be easily develope without using any server or browser.

5) PHP is an Employable Skill

If a person says that he/she is well-verse with PHP, then there is a good chance that the person will be recruite as there is a demand for this skill in the market. And this not just provides the job to the concerned person but also saves the time and money of the organization which employs the person. Anyone who is familiar with HTML which is a basic language for any developer or programmer can easily switch to PHP.

6) PHP is Open-Source

Being open-source makes it easily available for the users as they do not have to pay anything and can use them for free. This overall reduces the expenses of developing the software which ultimately increases the agility as well as dependability. Some of the databases which it handles are Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, Informix, PostgreSQL, SQLite. It includes different modules for interacting with the web servers and then accessing the databases. Also, numerous systems use PHP like CakePHP, Zend Framework, Codeigniter.


From the above points, it is very clear that PHP is a very old yet most desire programming language to hire dedicated developers and programmers. The features state why PHP is still preferre in the market and how easily one can create a dynamic and interactive website with just a few clicks. And this overall gives the impression that PHP is not just very effective in the present but also has a bright future. The regular improvements that it keeps on doing enhance their performance overall and deliver optimum performance. So, it can be clearly said that the language is here to stay as it has deep roots in technology and is continuously flourishing with every passing day and year.

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