Why Should Study Business Management Course at UEL?

Why Should Study Business Management Course at UEL?

How You will Learn with UEL?

As a postgraduate student, you will be expected/supposed to conduct research and independent work, supported by university experienced international business academics. UEL will offer you the methods and tools, including an online portal, to access business databases, real industry cases, and other study resources.

Alongside private study, you will have a lot of contact with the university team of lecturers, learning through a mix of seminars, lectures, guest speakers, and workshops. The international business world thinks in project terms, and so does UEL.

University staff’s research feeds purely into their teaching. For example, Dr. André Slowak has published on environmental policy in China and continues to work with classmates on sustainability innovation in the UK, India, China, and Germany. Dr. Qingan Huang has been interviewed by the Financial Times for his latest scheme research and university team members present at leading conferences – such as the Academy of Management – worldwide, whether in China or the UAE (United Arab Emirates).

How does this advantage you? Great futures are built on real-world projects and a wide portfolio of relevant experience and abilities. Nothing is more important than having a coach who is capable in international business and also genuinely interested in your student trip. University runs a personal tutoring plan and compiles business case studies fed from sectors. UEL also offers a big number of business development support services to you via the university Knowledge Dock. Employability is across a buzzword – universities directly offer you with networking option that connects to the modules you are actually learning, and tangibly ready you for your next future moves.

How You Will be Assessed

You will be assessed through a mixture of different techniques, allowing you to develop and improve multiple study skills or abilities and demonstrate your abilities in a variety of paths. Seminars and interactive case studies characterize this program. Every module is assessed separately – typically, there are two parts of assessment for each taught module, so you will have four assessments to complete in every term. One will be an examination, one a group assignment, and the others course work. All students have to total a dissertation. All assessments count towards your Master’s prize.

Careers Option in Business Management

The University of East London is London’s most career-led Business School and its highly professional degrees are developed to give you the best start to your future. Accredited by a vast number of professional organizations, the university incorporates a wide range of employability-focused performance into its courses; from guest lectures and workshops to sector trips and practical assessments.​ 

UEL degrees are attractive to a wide range of employers and are the best for a job in the corporate world in roles such as advertising, stockbroking, accountancy, banking, human resources, financial accountancy, management, management consultancy, data analysis, insurance, and auditing. Your degree could also be a stepping-stone to a magnitude of degrees from communications, to public relations and digital media. Many university students also start their own big businesses. If you are an ambitious entrepreneur, you can use our Knowledge and abilities Dock business incubation space to get started.​ 

University postgraduate degrees are highly specialized, professional courses that will allow you to take a step up in your accountancy, finance, or management future. University graduates have gone on to work for companies such as Macquarie, HSBC, Barclays, Nomura, Wells Fargo, IAG Cargo, and Metro Bank.​ 

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At the University of East London, you will have access to:​ 

  • Employability skills/abilities training such as interview methods and CV writing.​ 
  • Career Assessment, giving you the option to study about yourself and Career Coach will help you to discover future plans based on your interests and attractions.​ 
  • University of East London Skills Academy, where external professionals deliver sessions on the competencies most respected or prized by graduate employers.​ 
  • Internships, placements, and volunteering options from university work placements team/group.​ 
  • Annual careers fair and Networking options.​ 
  • Support or guide with setting up your own business.​ 
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