WordPress problems?

  1. Slow speeds
  2. Not designed for ecommerce
  3. out of date
  4. bloated software
  5. not secure

Slow speeds on this type of CMS can become a nightmare very fast since all the plugins or themes can make things become slow very fast and in some cases, you have to keep deleting plugins until you get down to like 3 seconds or less since themes are often not coded right or well since they are designed for people who can’t code or do real HTML as such they will often be made by inexperienced people for why many break or can’t do the job or task they were meant to do overall.


Launch WordPress site was created for blogs not for ecommerce because of that it lacks many things you need and if you do use woocommerce it wil often make your site go slow since it since it takes up a lot of space and memory on your server.

To run Woocommerce you often need more plugins such as Stripe or PayPal plugins or other ones to try and expand the features of it meaning it will often get slower and slower.

The cost to run an ecommerce wordpress can often get very high for example you could fun a full ecomerce site HTMLW for like $100 but for WordPress cost like $500 to do same things as the straight HTML code because this CMS is not designed for eCommerce it’s for blogging most of the time.

The PHP was made in like 1994 which is what is used to work WordPress at the time it was amazing or great but it’s not really good compared to other more modern or advanced for why more and more people kept leaving WordPress for things like Drupal which is CMS for ecommerce and it also loads way faster than WordPress does in most cases.

Security on the CMS

Hacking on this system is so easy since most people use the same admin url and use the same password for a like password or their name or something easy to guess for why it’s so easy for even a kid to break into a site.

Hacked WordPress plugins or themes are very common and anyone can find this such as some of the plugins not being updated in like 6 months could be possibly hacked in some cases.

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