Working Requirements To Apply For Skilled Nominated 887 Visa

Have you ever thought about how your work-life shapes other aspects of your life? Do you ever feel that you belong there after spending a specific time working at a particular place? You’re enjoying your time at your new location where your career has taken you and that you’d want to settle down into this new space? Well, we know the answer—an absolute yes.

The heart wants what it wants, and we are here to help you follow your heart with all the technical procedures you need to make your dreams come true. Make sure you are well-versed with these terms and regulations, and you will be good to go

Let’s get you familiar with what is Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887?

If you have been working in Australia for more than two years, we understand how it would make you want to settle down and have a permanent stay visa. The visa subclass 887 allows its applicants to get lifetime access to travelling in and out of the country. The applicant is also registered under Australia’s health public health organisation.

Who can apply for visa subclass 887?

  • Applicants who hold existing visa subclasses of 496, 489, 475, 495 and 487.
  • Applicants who hold an existing bridge visa after applying to the visa subclasses 497, 485 and 495.
  • Applicants have been a citizen of Australia for more than two years and have lived in the regional and low-populated metropolitan regions.
  • Applicants who have been working in an Australian skill-listed profession for more than one year.

Eligibility Subclass 887 Visa requirements

  • Having a passport-The first and foremost step to applying for any visa is to have an existing and valid passport. It should be up to date, and there shouldn’t be any errors.
  • Proof of jobs- You must have the necessary documents to prove that you have been working for almost 35 hours per week during your stay in Australia. The job must be residing in a low-populated metropolitan area or a well-signified area in Australia.
  • Personal Identification documents- You should have an identification card of your country and other necessary id proofs.
  • Proof of accommodation-You needs to have documents to support your authentic stay in the country. It should state that you have lived in Australia for more than two years. You should also make sure that you have your work visa to support that you have been living in Australia with legal rights.
  • Character certificate- You must have a character certificate that states your conduct in following all the rules and regulations of the country. You must also fill out and submit forms 1221 and 80.
  • English Proficiency proof- You must also generate evidence that you have good proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing English.
  • Necessary documents of your Spouse- If you are planning to attain a visa for your partner, you need to have their identification proof, marriage certificate, and character certificate.
  • Necessary documents for your children who are minors- If you intend to get visas for your minor children and yours, you need to provide these documents. Their birth certificate, their statutory declaration and a parental permission form 1229 that you need to fill in and attach with the application.
  • Necessary documents for your children who are adults- If you wish to include visas of your adult children along with yours, you need to generate these documents: their character certificate, their identification proof and your proof of relationship with them.
  • The applicants must be staying in Australia while they are applying for the Subclass 887 Visa.
  • For smooth processing of the visa application, applicants must be in touch with Immigration Consultant Perth to be well-versed with all the necessary guidelines.

887 Visa Processing Time

It usually takes around 18 months for the higher officials to verify the applicant’s documents and proceed with any further updates to the application. Almost 75% of the applicants receive their application updates within 12 months. However, 90% of the applicants receive an update within 18 months.

It is a piece of crucial information that the applicants must note that the Australian Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887 has specific priority-based applications. Despite the official laid out rules, the higher-ups prioritise these applications and give out a decision for these applications first. If you want to know more about these priority-based applications, you must consult the Migration Agent Perth WA.

Checklists for Visa Subclass 887

  • The applicant must testify that there are no amount of due funds between them and the government of Australia. They must also attest that along with them; their family is also debt/loan free.
  • Applicants must make sure that they are providing their authentic credentials for the Value statement of Australia.
  • Applicants must know that their prior applications for any visa must not have been cancelled or refused. If done, the current application for the visa subclass 887 will also be rejected.
  • Applicants must provide authentic documents to support their claims of having a job in Australia. They must prove that they had a secure job that allowed them to work for 35 hours weekly and provided them with all the necessary financial support to stay in Australia.
  • The applicants must have valid evidence of their nomination by the State Government of Australia.
  • Applicants must have the necessary documents to prove their age is valid for the application for this visa.
  • Applicants must also provide authentic proof that they have a good work or staying visa. If not a work visa, then a bridging visa will also suffice.
  • Proof must be given that the applicants have stayed in Australia for at least two years or more.

Concluding Thoughts

It is important to note that it is not difficult to obtain a Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887 in Australia if you’ve already stayed and worked there for more than years. With the right and verified documents and with the help of Migration or Immigration Agents, you can fill out your visa subclass 887 applications hassle-free.

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