Best Tips for packing for a Residential move

packing for move

You are ready to move in when your time is right. When you arrive at your new home, you are overwhelmed by boxes and don’t know how to begin.

Perfect Timing Moving wants to take the stress out of packing your personal belongings. We offer unpacking services and installation services at your destination. We are also professional Pool Table Movers.

Before you can say that your move is complete, there are many organizational tasks you may not know.

However, once you can sit down in your favorite chair and have a cup of coffee or a drink, you will be able to look around and see everything in its right place. We are residential moving experts, so we will give you some tips to help you organize your items. You may have some questions in your mind like

  • How do I start?
  • What boxes should we first open?
  • Do we take it one at a time?
  • What room should we first set up?

Five Tips to Help You Get Settled in Your New Home

It can be very tedious to deal with logistics for a move. Also, it takes time to plan, find storage, find the transport vehicle, calculate the space at each point, and then map the route. It takes a lot of planning and time.

Moving companies ensure a smooth transfer and pleasant experience. They also offer facilities so that you don’t even have to think about it. The company will schedule the process starting at the date of vacating. They will also provide the boxes and bubble wrap, identify the accessories, have the appropriate vehicles, and optimize the space so that you can move your whole home or business in a short amount of time.

Don’t delay

 It is important to complete unpacking quickly. Otherwise, laziness can take over and you will be living in boxes and boxes for the rest of your life.

How do I begin? 

Perfect Timing Moving is a professional moving company that can help you organize your belongings.  This will make it easier to find your most valuable or delicate items. Organize your belongings by room. We are also professional Piano Movers and can provide you these extra services on your demand

What room should I first install?

It is clear which room should be set up first, and it should be ready to use for the normal purposes of opening boxes. You won’t be able to survive another day after the long day of moving and all the exhaustion from the preparations unless you can get a good night’s rest in the dorms.

The priority is to make sure that your bed is set up (if it isn’t already). This will give you something to rest on. You should be able to assemble the bed either partially or completely according to the instructions. If this is not possible, you can seek assistance if it proves too difficult. It could be very dangerous to have to sleep on the ground your first night in your new house.


After you have finished with your bedroom, it’s time to take care of your essential needs and make sure that the bathroom is ready to use. It’s natural to feel the need for a refreshing bath or shower after unpacking your home and organizing it. Then you will fall asleep in your newly-installed bed.

You may not need to hang shower curtains, but you should keep your bath towels and toiletries handy. Make sure you have your medication ready if there is a medicine cupboard.


While you can order food at home, it’s not possible to maintain your energy levels during the move. You will need a fully functional kitchen to do this. Kitchens can take a lot of time to unpack, organize and clean up due to the number of small, delicately shaped cookware.

It is recommended that you begin unpacking your kitchen by connecting the main kitchen appliances first, then moving on to smaller kitchen utensils, such as the microwave, coffeemaker, and toaster.

Once you’ve finished installing your bathroom and bedroom, you can arrange the rest of your apartment in a more relaxed manner. The essentials are already there. You are now ready to move into your new home.

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