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Google for secondary education will deliver an educational ICT seminar for high schools on January 29, 2022, “High School Reforms Realized in an Environment for Each Person-Achievements and Challenges Seen from Sendai Sanko’s One-Year Efforts-” It will be held at. attending is free.

A cloud-by-default ICT environment is being developed at secondary education sites toward the realization of the school concept. With the spread of learning based on the environment of individual terminals in elementary and junior high schools, there is growing interest in the movement to improve the ICT environment so that high schools can study in the same environment without interruption. Introducing how learning will change with the use of ICT in high school, and what each person can do to promote its use.

The program (planned) is “learning of high school. So that has changed after one year”. “what you can do as a manager to promote ICT utilization”, “what you can do as a board of education to promote ICT utilization”, “interview: ICT utilization in high school” What is important to you.

Thoroughly secure exam opportunities

Looking back on trends in the education industry from articles and press releases published last week (January 1st to January 7th, 2022). There was news that Omicron’s close contacts could also take the exam, and points to keep in mind when promoting the maintenance of terminals for each high school student. In addition, we will introduce 9 events that will be hold after January 10th.

Education ICT related

On January 6, 2022, Obunsha Education Information Center poste “Overview of Common Test for University Admissions. But under Corona, etc. On its website. While showing a flowchart, it explains whether or not to take the test. And the requirements for those who are in close contact with each other or who are in poor physical condition.

Advanced Education Organization and Social Information Graduate University on January 10, 2022. New Year Special Seminar “The total of one year is to relearn! 100 years of life and recurrent special education. Cost-effectiveness of recurrent education ”will be hold. Participation is free and a reservation is require.

Lecture by the President of the University

The National Institute of Informatics (NII) and the Study Group on the Information Environment. So Universities announce on January 14, 2022, Cyber ​​on Online Education and Digital Transformation in Universities, etc. The 45th symposium “Educational Institution Symposium” will be hold online.

Business concept Graduate University and monthly advance education will be hold on January 19, 2022. So for elementary, junior high, and high school faculty and staff and the education committee. The School Forum “Response to Educational Information Security. And Utilization of Digital Teaching Materials” will be hold with the theme of specific solutions.

Kodansha accepts company tours for junior high schools and high schools as educational activities. Implementation days are every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (excluding holidays). Applications have been accepte by fax since the beginning of the month. Because two months before the desire tour date. As of January 5, 2022, applications can be make by March.

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