Reasons Why Hammered Moscow Mule Mugs Are The Best!

The first copper mug ever made was made by hand and featured a hammered finish. Your beverage will maintain its temperature and taste while benefiting from the textured finish’s contribution to the even distribution of air and heat throughout the contents of the container. On the other hand, hammered Moscow Mule mugs have a lower heat conductivity than their smooth counterparts, which means that smooth copper mugs are typically less effective in insulating liquids.

Why Is Copper Hammered?

Since the beginning of metalworking, hammering copper has been a time-honored technique for reinforcing the surface area of copper sheets. This practice began long before copper was utilized as a material for the production of mugs. Before the sheet of hammered copper is molded into the desired shape, it is common practice to use a ball-peen hammer to create the indentations in the copper. Coppersmiths perform this procedure using very little force, allowing the weight of the hammer to provide just enough force for the surface of the copper sheet to become textured without causing any damage to the material or causing it to grow thinner.

Hammering copper can also be done for purely aesthetic reasons. Patina is the result of the natural oxidation of pure copper over time, which occurs when copper is exposed to its surroundings. Patina is a layer that forms on the surface of copper, bronze, and other metals that are chemically and physically similar to copper. Hammering the surface of the copper gives it greater depth and dimension, which in turn makes the patina that forms on it appear less visible as it develops.

Is Hammered Copper An Improvement Over Smooth Copper?

The simple answer is that it is. When it comes to insulating beverages and keeping the quality of the material as well as its look, hammered copper is typically more functional than smooth copper. Hammered Moscow Mule mugs also have a more attractive appearance.

However, neither hammered copper nor smooth copper results in a Moscow Mule that has a superior flavor (or any other beverage, for that matter.) For an even cleaner and more up-to-date appearance, some people may even favor the aesthetic of a smooth copper mug. The smooth copper finish may be more prone to patina, but the worn, antique appearance may be just the touch of personality that your hammered Moscow Mule mugs set of 2 was missing. The decision between hammered copper and smooth copper comes down, in the end, to one’s own personal preference.

Why Are the Mugs Used for Moscow Mules Hammered?

Hammering is a process that takes a significant amount of time and requires considerable effort to complete the work at hand. This necessitates a lot of manual labor, and those who are involved in the production of copper mugs are not exempt from this requirement.

For example, specific heavy and thick hand-hammered Moscow Mule mugs had always been the best in the industry and the highest in quality with regard to the artifacts that are particularly relevant to this category. It all began with hand-hammered sheets of copper, each of which featured distinctive indents practically everywhere throughout its components. This is done in order to ensure that air and heat are distributed uniformly throughout the space. Scratching is done to the hammered side of the copper surface so that it can be rolled to a smooth finish.

You are probably curious about the reason why Moscow Mule Mugs are hammered. This is undoubtedly done for a variety of compelling reasons. Why, in the first place, would anybody put themselves through such a challenging endeavor for absolutely no reason? Some of them are as follows:

  1. Hammered Moscow Mule Mugs have their own unique appearance and are of exceptional quality that will last for years. This can ensure that you can use it for the rest of your life, and it can even be handed down from one family to the next as a valuable heirloom that will last for many years.
  2. As time passes, the flavor of the drink in the ever-popular and most famous Moscow Mule Mugs are said to be refined, making the cold drink colder and the hot drink hotter depending on the temperature of the drink.
  3. The Moscow Mule Mug is a one-of-a-kind drinkware item that can be pretty pricey due to the labor-intensive manufacturing process required to produce such a high-quality masterpiece finish.
  4. These mugs are part of a limited edition run and can only be produced by well-known copper mug manufacturers that other prominent private copper firms control.
  5. Copper mugs are the best option for drinking Moscow Mules because they are resistant to acid, something that cannot be said of other mugs. This indicates that you are free to drink to your heart’s content without worrying about absorbing any of those bitter acids.


Utilizing goods that are both carefully crafted and produced via the application of manual labor has always been a sensible choice. This indicates that the more challenging something is to do, the greater its value, and the more it will contribute to your overall health and well-being.

The high level of thermal conduction that hammered Moscow Mule mugs provide to the beverage that is poured into them makes them uniquely suited for serving Moscow Mules. To give the impression that you are engaging in sophisticated or fine dining, you need to have a hammered Moscow Mule mugs set of 2.

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