Reasons Why You Should Get A CELTA


The CELTA is a widely respected and widely recognized TEFL qualifying criteria. It covers the fundamentals of effective teaching, including theory, techniques, and practical experience. It is a necessary investment for any TEFL teacher.

The CELTA course requires 120 hours of total study time, full-time or part-time. The course can be delivered face-to-face, online, or as a hybrid. Teachers will gain practical experience by teaching for six hours and completing four written assignments.

The course requires a significant time commitment, lasting four weeks full-time, but it’s also an essential investment an educator can make early in their TEFL career.

Here are some reasons why you should consider getting a CELTA.

CELTA is an international teaching certification

A high level of English proficiency (minimum C1), a valid degree, and a TEFL certification. Preferably the CELTA – is required for a career as a TEFL teacher. The CELTA ensures that teachers are adequately trained before they enter the classroom, which benefits teachers, schools, and students.

Several teaching certificates are available in TEFL; however, the CELTA is the most widely recognized. CELTA will qualify you for all TEFL teaching roles. It’s the first thing an employer will look for on your Resume and is internationally recognized. This means you will be able to teach in high-quality schools all over the world.

Certified trainers

A CELTA isn’t an inexpensive investment. There’s the course’s expense and the cost of taking an entire month off from work. As a result, it is critical to ensure you receive a high-quality course for your money. CELTA courses are delivered by Cambridge Assessment English-approved and accredited centers, providing a consistently high level of teacher training.


Teaching can be intimidating for the first time, but you will be teaching from day one with the CELTA. That is one of the reasons employers value the qualification. Teaching classes and being observed provides teachers valuable feedback and boosts their confidence. There will be no critical feedback. Although, there will be positive reinforcement to acknowledge what you’re doing well, followed by a discussion for improvement.

It is rewarding to teach

Teaching is a one-of-a-kind profession. You engage with individuals rather than computers, and your work significantly impacts your students. You have a fundamental responsibility to your students to deliver excellent lectures, support their learning, and assist them in achieving their objectives. This could be for them to pass their Cambridge Exams to get the best jobs, secure university places abroad, or keep up in school.

Experiential learning

Working abroad and experiencing another culture while earning a living is a unique opportunity that not everyone has. With your CELTA, you can work as an English teacher wherever your passport allows. You can travel to large multicultural cities to teach classes of mixed language learners or to rural villages to teach people.


Now that you understand what CELTA certification entails, the world is your oyster! Take the first steps toward a gleaming, new, internationally recognized CELTA certificate. Evaluate numbers, prepare a budget, research the best CELTA course opportunity and location for your needs, and pack your bags.

The course is an excellent idea for people who want to pursue exciting English teaching opportunities or are looking for a new career. It’s also a fantastic choice for high-school graduates who want to take a break before starting their studies.

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